Thursday, September 5, 2013

See you next year!

The blog could not begin to cover all the sights or sounds of the conference.  Friendships were made, wounds were healed, and spirits were renewed.  Each of you are invited to go forth with the knowledge gained and incorporate it in your daily lives.  Perhaps next year, the book you have been wanting write will be considered as apart of the Author's Table or the business you are getting off the ground can claim a position as a sponsor for the conference.  Whatever it is, we hope that the Phenomenal Women's Summit presented by Bishop Teresa Snorton inspired you to move into your calling and create the legacy for the next generation.  Until next year.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Thanks to our Sponsors!

The Phenomenal Women's Summit presented by Bishop Teresa Snorton in partnership with the National Institute of Human Development, Incorporated would like to, once again, acknowledge our sponsors! They include:

  • Miles College
  • City of Alabama
  • 5th Episcopal District of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Councilman Steven Hoyt, District 8, City of Birmingham
  • Alabama Power
  • Regions Bank
  • Gourmet Food Service
  • Troy University
  • Lawson State University
  • Albright/Rainey & Associates
  • AlaPestCompany
  • Wesley Peachtree Group
  • BWC Consulting

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Photos, Photos Everywhere

Thanks to  Alpha Photography, the Phenomenal Women's Summit presented by Bishop Teresa Snorton was visually chronicled.  Check out the many pictures by clicking above the pictures.  Be sure to "Like" them on Facebook at Alpha Photography.

If These Hats Could Talk

"The real truth of the story is perspective. You can interpret your own story. 
Don’t let any one else determine the meaning of your story." 
Bishop Teresa Snorton

On Saturday, August 31, 2013 at the Hats Off Luncheon of the Phenomenal Women's Summit, Bishop Teresa Snorton, the host of the event, gave the closing message. After a musical selection by Denver Woods, a Phenomenal Young Woman, Bishop Snorton sought to see the participants off.

Bishop Snorton reflected on growing up with her mother and mother in law, a mother of 18 who raised 4 other children in addition. Snorton reminisced on how, once their parents left, they would play in hats and gloves when they were younger. 

She told these stories to note the value and importance of their own .  Bishop Snorton gave two points in regards to the being our personal griot:

  1.  Our stories are important and they are worthy of being told.  Referencing Deuteronomy 6: 1-9, Snorton paraphrases that this is the commandment, and these are the stories.  All the generations to come after might know how God has blessed them. Phenomenal Women must see the need for recounting the stories and how they can impact the future women to come.
  2.  Always be clear about the perspective from which you are telling it. "Sometimes we are our own unrooted friend," Bishop Snorton, referencing Dr. Jarralyn Agee's Plenary Session, "We are sometimes what keeps us back".  She conveyed the importance of choosing carefully the words used to describe their events, that they aren't damaging or demeaning.  Bishop Snorton referenced Numbers 13:30-33; Numbers 14: 20-25 "Let us go up, and take possession so that we may go and overcome up" about the episode where Caleb saw God's vision, while people had different perspectives.
Bishop Snorton encouraged the women to leave the conference with a new boldness to own their story and share with all who would hear.  Hear the entire message above.

Mary J's Hat and the Phenomenal Women.

What happens when you put Phenomenal Women in a room full fantastic hats?  You get stories as unique as the hat themselves!

On Saturday, August 31, 2013 at the Phenomenal Women's Summit Closing Luncheon, the attendees were invited to a Hat Luncheon, featuring the hats of Mary Jefferson. Officially known as Mary J's Hats, Jefferson, for the past 25 years has had her personal hat collection featured in plays, photo shoots, teas, celebrations and films.  Watch her story in this introduction:

Each lady was invited be outfitted for a hat that matched their personality - and their outfits!   Possessing a new "Hattitude", these Phenomenal Women showed off their new found friends at the Hat Parade.  While the ladies weren't able to keep them - these hats are not for sell! - the memory of how they felt in the hat will resonate long after Summit has ended.

See also an excerpt of the parade on the Alpha Photography Facebook page.

And a longer home video:

Phenomenal Women Keep Moving

On Saturday, August 30, 2013, during the Morning Workout of the Phenomenal Women's Summit presented by Bishop Snorton, the paramedics were called for one of the participants who had a small accident.  While it was concerning and scary for those exercising with her, what is cause for documentation was the reaction to the hiccup of the morning.  

Some women reflected on the situation, talking with each other, being emotional supports for one another.  Others, when realizing they could not assist in the immediate situation, formed small groups who continued the workout by walking the rooms of the conference area, determined to keep moving.

Once things were settled with the paramedics, those who were still moving paused to bond spiritually by lifting Sis. Wilson in prayer.  They then decided to continue their exercise, knowing their friend would not have wanted to interrupt the progress to be made.

Perhaps, this was the spirit of the mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and activists who keep moving in the midst of  larger tragedies.  The unifying of the mind and hearts, in fact, created a space where trailblazing was the only option, because halting, becoming stagnant or deviating from the course were not.  And once the tools for the task, be they walking shoes, cakes, coin keeps or, in today's case, floor, chair, towel and water were again presented, little prompting was necessary to solidify the future of the movement. 

The women of the Summit are asked to continue to lift up Sis. Wilson in prayer.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The New Phenomenal Women

As a special treat to the Phenomenal Women's Summit luncheon honoring the Past and Present Trailblazers on Friday, August 30, 2013, the audience was allowed to embrace New Phenomenal Women.  These women are "new" not because they have not always been Phenomenal, but because they are now recognizing their Phenomenal nature.

Two young women were invited to present their talents.  Ms. Deidre Gaddis, a student at Miles College, blessed the room with her voice.

Ms. Erica Stanley, from Antioch, Tennessee, offered a cello duet, with D'Marie.

In addition, Ms. Cathy Tolleson, Director of Outreach at The Lovelady Center, for whom the mission project, Pack a Purse (where members of the Summit brought used purses to pack with toiletries), was complete, brought a group of her women to do a special presentation of their "Cardboard Stories".  "Cardboard Stories" are stories written on cardboard, as most women who find the center are homeless, chronicling who there were before and who they have become.