Saturday, August 31, 2013

If These Hats Could Talk

"The real truth of the story is perspective. You can interpret your own story. 
Don’t let any one else determine the meaning of your story." 
Bishop Teresa Snorton

On Saturday, August 31, 2013 at the Hats Off Luncheon of the Phenomenal Women's Summit, Bishop Teresa Snorton, the host of the event, gave the closing message. After a musical selection by Denver Woods, a Phenomenal Young Woman, Bishop Snorton sought to see the participants off.

Bishop Snorton reflected on growing up with her mother and mother in law, a mother of 18 who raised 4 other children in addition. Snorton reminisced on how, once their parents left, they would play in hats and gloves when they were younger. 

She told these stories to note the value and importance of their own .  Bishop Snorton gave two points in regards to the being our personal griot:

  1.  Our stories are important and they are worthy of being told.  Referencing Deuteronomy 6: 1-9, Snorton paraphrases that this is the commandment, and these are the stories.  All the generations to come after might know how God has blessed them. Phenomenal Women must see the need for recounting the stories and how they can impact the future women to come.
  2.  Always be clear about the perspective from which you are telling it. "Sometimes we are our own unrooted friend," Bishop Snorton, referencing Dr. Jarralyn Agee's Plenary Session, "We are sometimes what keeps us back".  She conveyed the importance of choosing carefully the words used to describe their events, that they aren't damaging or demeaning.  Bishop Snorton referenced Numbers 13:30-33; Numbers 14: 20-25 "Let us go up, and take possession so that we may go and overcome up" about the episode where Caleb saw God's vision, while people had different perspectives.
Bishop Snorton encouraged the women to leave the conference with a new boldness to own their story and share with all who would hear.  Hear the entire message above.

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