Friday, August 30, 2013

The New Phenomenal Women

As a special treat to the Phenomenal Women's Summit luncheon honoring the Past and Present Trailblazers on Friday, August 30, 2013, the audience was allowed to embrace New Phenomenal Women.  These women are "new" not because they have not always been Phenomenal, but because they are now recognizing their Phenomenal nature.

Two young women were invited to present their talents.  Ms. Deidre Gaddis, a student at Miles College, blessed the room with her voice.

Ms. Erica Stanley, from Antioch, Tennessee, offered a cello duet, with D'Marie.

In addition, Ms. Cathy Tolleson, Director of Outreach at The Lovelady Center, for whom the mission project, Pack a Purse (where members of the Summit brought used purses to pack with toiletries), was complete, brought a group of her women to do a special presentation of their "Cardboard Stories".  "Cardboard Stories" are stories written on cardboard, as most women who find the center are homeless, chronicling who there were before and who they have become.

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