Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mary J's Hat and the Phenomenal Women.

What happens when you put Phenomenal Women in a room full fantastic hats?  You get stories as unique as the hat themselves!

On Saturday, August 31, 2013 at the Phenomenal Women's Summit Closing Luncheon, the attendees were invited to a Hat Luncheon, featuring the hats of Mary Jefferson. Officially known as Mary J's Hats, Jefferson, for the past 25 years has had her personal hat collection featured in plays, photo shoots, teas, celebrations and films.  Watch her story in this introduction:

Each lady was invited be outfitted for a hat that matched their personality - and their outfits!   Possessing a new "Hattitude", these Phenomenal Women showed off their new found friends at the Hat Parade.  While the ladies weren't able to keep them - these hats are not for sell! - the memory of how they felt in the hat will resonate long after Summit has ended.

See also an excerpt of the parade on the Alpha Photography Facebook page.

And a longer home video:

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