Friday, August 30, 2013

Opening Plenary Session

"Thank you for all the Phenomenal Women in this place."
~ Bishop Carolyn Guidry

On the evening of Friday, August 29, 2013 at the Sheraton in Birmingham, AL, over 200 women from around the country participated in the  Opening Plenary Session of Bishop Teresa Snorton's Phenomenal Women's Summit.  This session set both the tone for the conference and established protocol for the weekend.

The program official started with Greetings and Welcome by Bishop Teresa Snorton, the Presiding Bishop, 5th Episcopal District, CME Church, PWS Program Chair.  The Greetings included a special welcome from Fairfield, Alabama Mayor Kenneth Coachman, who took several of the attendees on Civil Rights tour earlier in the afternoon, starting at Miles College.

Immediately following was the Invocation by Rev. Zethelyn Johnson, Pastor of Cherokee CME Church, Church, Cherokee, AL. Mrs. Carolyn S. Hassell did the honors of recognizing Sponsors which included: Miles College, City of Birmingham, Alabama Power, Regions Bank, Gourmet Food Services, Love One Million Ways, Albright/Rainey & Associates, AlaPestCompany, Wesley Peachtree Group and BWC Consulting.

There was then a musical Selection with a Reprise by Greater St. Paul CME Church from Bessemer, AL (see a clip below).  

Bishop Teresa Snorton then Introduced the Speaker of the hour, Bishop Carolyn Guidry (see post God's Phenomenal Women).  Following another selection, Bishop Guidry inspired the participants of the conference, challenging them to be their own trailblazers.

Following the Plenary Address, Bishop Snorton called for Moments of Reflection, asking inviting each of attendee to call the names of those who have gone before, then the name of Sistah Girls and, finally, those who they have been called to be a trailblazer for.

For the Benediction, Bishop Guidry recited Maya Angelou's poem "Phenomenal Woman".

A Meditation
"For these we call by name, those who blazed trails for us. 
For these who you have given us as gifts in our live. 
For those who inspire us and you have given us as friends.

Be in prayer as you discern the voice of God.  
Pray for clarity for what you will need to complete the task.
Let go of some things so that you can embrace others.

~ Bishop Teresa Snorton

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