Friday, August 30, 2013

The Visible, Yet Unsung

PWS Senator Linda Coleman from Phenomenal Women's Summit on Vimeo.

Today, as then, our challenge is about building inclusion and opportunity for those coming after us. Not just those of us who are here, but ensuring that the bridge that those unsung heros -- those phenomenal women of the past, those ordinary people who did extraordinary things -- that we pass that banner on, we pass that torch on, we hold it high for the next generation. And we continue to show up and build that bridge so that is it there for those who come after us, that it is always there so that they are able to use it.

Senator Linda Coleman

At Friday Luncheon on August 30, 2013, at the Phenomenal Women's Summit presented by Bishop Teresa Snorton, the speaker was Senator Linda Coleman who represents District 20 in the State of Alabama.  After an introduction by D'Marie, Senator Coleman discussed "the visible, yet unsung"; women who fought alongside their male counterparts in the movement, but have not, even to now, been recognized.  She started by asking the question of why women were left out since, as Berneice King has once said, that the Civil Rights Movement would not have happened if it was not for the movement.  Senator Coleman also made reference to the separate March down Independence Ave that

"Woman had many obstacles to overcome," said Senator Coleman, presenting to the luncheon guests that the men were at the helm only after the women spearheaded the movement. It was women who were domestics, working in houses and clerical positions who used the buses for work.  While these voices were unceremonious left out (there is visible documentation of their presence in pictures), the women still did make their mark on the movement.  

Senator Coleman went on to give more history of women such as Gloria Richardson, Poinsetta Wright, Fannie Lou Hamer, Michelle Obama, Alexis Herman and Condolezza Rice.   "It is because of that history that we are here today,  celebrating 50 years past and 50 years forward."  Hear the entire poignant and empowering speech above.

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