Friday, August 30, 2013

50th Anniversary Civil Rights Tribute & Awards

At Friday Luncheon on August 30, 2013, at the Phenomenal Women's Summit presented by Bishop Teresa Snorton, the women took time out to recognize Phenomenal Women as Trailblazers: Past and Present with a slideshow of persons who are trailblazers yesterday as well as today.  Additionally, awards "Honoring our Living Legends" were presented to the honorees.  

See the Slideshow below:

Reflections of the Living Legends

Linda Coleman,  Merika Coleman Evans and Juandalynn Givan

Yvette McPherson-Richardson, Belinda McCain, and Patsy Jones.

LaJuana Bradford, J. Richert Pearson and Diana Knighton

The Full List of Honorees is as follows:

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America 
Alexis Herman, former U.S. Secretary of Labor 
Condoleeza Rice, former U.S. Secretary of State 
Yvonne Kennedy, Alabama State Legislator (posthumously) 
Lola Haynes Hendricks, 1960s Civil Rights Activist (posthumously) 
Lucinda Thelma Brown Robey, 1960s Civil Rights Activist (posthumously) 
Atherine Juanita Lucy, 1st African American admitted to University of Alabama, 1956 
Vivian Malone Jones, 1st African graduate, University of Alabama, 1965 (posthumously) 

Terri Sewell, First African-American U. S. Congresswoman from Alabama 
Linda Coleman, Alabama State Senator 
Priscilla Dunn, Alabama State Senator 
Barbara Boyd, Alabama State Legislator 
Merika Coleman Evans, Alabama State Legislator 
Juandalynn Givan, Alabama State Legislator 
Mary Moore, Alabama State Legislator 

Yvette McPherson-Richardson, Alabama Board of Education 
Belinda McCain, Mayor, Sipsey, AL
Maxine Parker, Birmingham City Council
Lashunda Scales, Birmingham City Council
Patsy Jones, Opelika City Council

Bobbie Knight, Alabama Power 
LaJuana Bradford, Regions Bank 
J. Richet Pearson, Dean, Miles School of Law
Mattie Mashaw Jackson, Miles College (retired) 
Diana Knighton, Miles College 

Odessa Mack, 1960s Civil Rights Activist 
Carstella Scott, 1960s Civil Rights Activist 
Helen Shores Lee, Circuit Court Judge and Civil Rights Advocate 
Carolyn McKinstry, Civil Rights Advocate 
Georgia McCoy O’Neal, Civil Rights Advocate 

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