Saturday, August 31, 2013

Phenomenal Women Keep Moving

On Saturday, August 30, 2013, during the Morning Workout of the Phenomenal Women's Summit presented by Bishop Snorton, the paramedics were called for one of the participants who had a small accident.  While it was concerning and scary for those exercising with her, what is cause for documentation was the reaction to the hiccup of the morning.  

Some women reflected on the situation, talking with each other, being emotional supports for one another.  Others, when realizing they could not assist in the immediate situation, formed small groups who continued the workout by walking the rooms of the conference area, determined to keep moving.

Once things were settled with the paramedics, those who were still moving paused to bond spiritually by lifting Sis. Wilson in prayer.  They then decided to continue their exercise, knowing their friend would not have wanted to interrupt the progress to be made.

Perhaps, this was the spirit of the mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and activists who keep moving in the midst of  larger tragedies.  The unifying of the mind and hearts, in fact, created a space where trailblazing was the only option, because halting, becoming stagnant or deviating from the course were not.  And once the tools for the task, be they walking shoes, cakes, coin keeps or, in today's case, floor, chair, towel and water were again presented, little prompting was necessary to solidify the future of the movement. 

The women of the Summit are asked to continue to lift up Sis. Wilson in prayer.

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